About KKOS

Process Manufacturing  & Testing

KKOS is a lighting solution provider and manufacturer of high quality Indoor/outdoor lighting products for municipal, industrial, commercial, and residential use. With the ability to distribute multiple types of LED products, we are able to assist our customers in finding the best solution for their environment in today’s energy efficient lighting market-place. By introducing revolutionary LED technology to the market.


We can perform on site testing, energy audit for consumption efficiency and provide LED lighting solution and installation . Provide energy conservation solution in strive for facilitating carbon footprint reduction initiative. We assure lighting solution given by KKOS is energy efficient with product warranty honor for 5 years. KKOS product has performance and reliability which serve to provide our clients with trouble free and last for life long as guarante. We  are capable of providing one stop solution from energy audit, lighting solution provision, customized products as needed to retrofit installation.


KKOS LED lighting products are capable of reducing your energy costs up to 80% and eliminating maintenance costs, while increasing lighting quality. All of our advanced LED fixtures have superior lighting quality, are environmentally friendly, energy efficient, safe, durable, and reliable.  


We always assess and evaluate each application before recommending the best possible LED fixture for your application. Contact Us today to learn why LED products are the best solution for your environment. Start reducing your energy costs while increasing your lighting quality!

Performance Measurement
Life Testing