1. What makes our products different from anything else that is currently available on the market today?  The information we have compares LED to other types of lighting, not comparing LED to other LED companies.


 Products were designed and manufactured with components that have gone through reliability and were tested for product life guarantee.Most products in the market degrade rapidly but KKOS warrant for performance over warranty period.

KKOS LED :  more lumen/watt ,  true warranty for 5 years as compare to other non quality products that died or faded out within 6-9 months. Why choose LED from KKOS?We are a lighting solution provider, manufacturer, and lighting developer.


2. What do we offer and who does the work?


KKOS Energy Solution, LLC is responsible for field service and maintenance either with our own technician/electrician or authorized subcontractor to support customer with field installation or maintenance. Engineering team of KKOS works with field service staff to allow our devices or products to work best in our customer locations.


3. How does the metal used differ from the plastic on other bulbs?


Heat dissipation consideration is crucial in maintaining product over its life time and allows consistent performance. KKOS  LED are all facilitated with careful rated Aluminum Alloy heat  that match the heat dissipation requirement of bulbs.  Most low cost solution manufacturers create painted alloy on plastic as dissipation which fail.


4. What is the cost?  How is our pricing determined?


Our price is determined with actual Build of Material (BOM) cost and we sell directly to avoid high profit margin markups through middle importers.



5. How will retrofitting work?  Will we have a company representative involved in assessing if the work can be done? How much it will cost?  Who is this person?


Program management started with a retrofit proposal from KKOS or Hongyi Energy Technology (Shanghai) Co. Limited client and provides layout and existing lighting wiring diagram with bulb type. KKOS to provide lighting solutions plus the energy saving plan, ROI , as well as carbon footprint reduction road map for client review.


Retrofit by team of KKOS - Hongyi electrician or supervision subcontractor.