Indoor and Outdoor Applications

Intelligent Street Lamp System


Amidst all the hubbub about tackling global warming and cultivating green energy, one subject receives little coverage: streetlights. While an important public service, streetlights are expensive to maintain and taken together, suck down a lot of energy. LEDs are gaining traction as a great alternative to traditional lighting because they are relatively environmentally friendly, don't consume much electricity and have long life spans. -- that they can be considered "semi-permanent" 

Intelligent system with central control to work  with LED Street Lamp to achieve high energy saving and reduce carbon footprint.
Intelligent Street Lamp System Energy Saver Controller.
LED Parking Lot Lighting


The costs involved in operating parking structures are on the rise. One of the most significant costs hitting the bottom line comes from utility expenditures. High utility costs can be reduced by upgrading to energy efficient high-output LED lighting. 


LED lighting solution for parking structures with impressive lighting quality, energy efficiency and virtually no maintenance. 

Residential Lighting


KKOS LED lighting makes it easy to upgrade your existing lighting to energy efficient LED technology with the exceptional light quality you expect from incandescent bulbs.  KKOS LED solutions deliver a consistent and balanced light source, are instant on and fully dimmable - ideal for kitchens, hallways, bathrooms, closets, laundry, porches and garage work rooms.  Whether its indoor lighting designed to create a pleasing, comfortable atmosphere or outdoor porch and garage task lighting. 

Industrial Lighting
Warehouse Lighting
 Commercial Lighting 
Office Lighting
Hospital Lighting
Gymnasium Lighting

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