Lighting Solutions

Information on this page will help you compare bulb features, brightness and efficiency, color choices,shape choices, and bulb base choices.

Here is how the most common types of bulbs compare:


* Average lifetime based on 800 lumens for 2 hours per day ($0.15 per kWh)
** CFLs and LEDs require compatible dimmers.

Brightness and Efficiency

Because bulbs vary in their efficiency, it’s best to compare bulbs based on their light output (lumens) rather than their wattage (amount of energy used). The higher number of lumens, the brighter the light will be. Higher wattage bulbs use more energy. Here’s how bulbs compare.

Color Choices

Traditional incandescent bulbs emit a “warm” color. Today, bulbs are available in a range of colors:

Shape Choices

Bulb Base Choices